Artist & Fashion Designer

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As Seen In Vogue

Customized hand painted clothes for individual orders

Creative work of Erwin Michalec includes long-term art experiment as recording the document to images seen on the outfits. The experiment is a continuation of the idea with online live streaming from the art studio or from public places that give the audience the opportunity to watch the artist at his work. The experiment involves full transparency with sharing ideas, inspirations and techniques used during the creation of the collections. The hand-painted prototypes later are transformed into a wearable fashion line. 

Erwin Michalec is calling all media and the fashion bloggers to support His long-term art and fashion projects

‚ÄčFashion Revolution Global Movement

Ready to wear and Printed Clothes of Erwin Michalec are manufactured by companies that pay the employee more than the minimum rate required by the law.

Colours speak all languages

Erwin Michalec

Artist & Fashion Designer