Mermaids is a fashion line of Erwin Michalec that included several months of art experiments, as recording the document to images seen on the outfits. The experiment is a continuation of the idea with online live streaming from the art studio or from public places that give the audience the opportunity to watch the artist at his work. The experiment involves full transparency with sharing ideas, inspirations and techniques used during the creation of the collections. The hand-painted prototypes later are transformed into a wearable fashion line. 
The starting point is a mixture of African symbols especially from the Gambia as well as ancient influences of Europe the oldest pottery culture, which existed in Romania. Important is the influence of The Warsaw Mermaid the emblem of the capital of Poland and other art inspirations of Erwin Michalec from the past. It's an attempt to connect a few different cultures, separated by hundreds of years of history and thousands of kilometres in order to create modern city-style outfits. 


The choice of The Gambia was not accidental. It is the smallest country in mainland Africa but There are many tribes with the main ones as Mandinka, Wolof, Fula and Jola, each having its language and traditions. The dresses are varied but always bright and colourful and some of the complicated plaited hairstyles are a work of art.
Peaceful co-existence as well as full religious tolerance created a specific area for unlimited experiment with art.

The Gambia Adventure December 2016