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Erwin Michalec as a fashion designer collaborates with several companies. The individual series of printed clothes are available to buy through several links - red bottoms -connecting to several online shops.  Made in UK and USA

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Always Bad its collection based on humorous reaction of the designer for haters whom he experienced and still is experiencing.

The design is inspired with mix of ideas as for example series  of graphics“The Dragon Trees”. Specific species that exist in Tenerife Spain. Artist designer used also drawings and pictures from the past exhibited during various solo and group art events.

Always Bad*Four Elements*Mermaids*Bad Girl*Lost KIngdoms*Tie-Land

Four Elements as collection is based on art work of Erwin Michalec from resent and past. Its also combination of pictures painted directly on the fabrics and showcased in several fashion shows including Africa Fashion Week London 2014 and Prestigious Fashion Scout 2015.

ERWIN MICHALEC - from the blog of Fashion Scout MONDAY, 23 FEBRUARY 2015
Emerging Designer Showcase AW15 ;"At first glance, Erwin Michalec’s collection suggests medieval influences, but upon a closer look there’s references of the 4 elements water especially. He presents plain silhouettes illustrated by African tribal drawings. African and other ethnic cultures are consistent themes within his work so much so that this season’s collection overlapped slightly with his last, as he reused linen material and hand painted it with the image of a mechanical boat. He plays with the idea of combining ancient mechanism with African culture, “What would happen if Leonardo Da Vinci lived in ancient Africa?” he poses. Movement and fluidity are the reason behind the simplistic flowing silk silhouettes of tunics, by connecting it with connotations of water such as fish, sails and even sand he aims to design functional art."

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Mermaids it's fashion line of Erwin Michalec that includes several months art experiment as recording the document to images seen on the outfits. The experiment is a continuation of the idea with on-line live streaming from the art studio or from public places that give the audience the opportunity to watch the artist at his work. The experiment involves full transparency with sharing ideas, inspirations and techniques used during the creation of the collections​. The hand painted prototypes later are transformed into wearable fashion line. 
The starting point its a mixture of African symbols especially from the Gambia as well as ancient influences of European the oldest pottery culture, which existed in Romania. Important is influence of The Warsaw Mermaid the emblem of capital city of Poland and other art inspirations of Erwin Michalec from the past. Its an attempt to connect together a few different cultures, separated by hundreds of years of history and thousands of kilometers in order to create modern city style outfits. 

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