Lost Kingdoms‚Äč

Lost Kingdoms is the unique fashion project of Erwin Michalec, which is a continuation of the current style of his work and includes long-term art experiments such as recording the document into images seen on the outfits. The experiment with the idea of online live streaming from the art studio allows the audience to watch the artist at work. The experiment involves full transparency in sharing ideas, inspirations, and techniques used during the creation of the prototypes. 

The main idea of this collection is the result of many years of an archaeological, historical and anthropological passion of Erwin Michalec with the fallen civilizations of the whole world. The mixture of symbols and the use of architectural solutions in clothes is another attempt by the artist, who wants to pay tribute to the forgotten kingdoms.

Unfortunately, original paintings, fabrics, and outfits for the first version of this collection were lost in July 2017 by Vueling Airlines while travelling to the Gambia where Erwin Michalec wanted to finalize the photo shoot In the historical site of Neolithic time built in a similar way as Stonehenge. 

"Lost Kingdoms II" is a continuation of this idea. Still inspired by the history mixed with traditional African architecture with each outfit named after the Gambian towns and villages.