Grow your NGO was a training course involving 11 partners from 9 countries. The course was  held in August 2016 in Tirgu Frumos, Iasi. The countries involved are Romania, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Macedonia and the UK.
The project aims to develop entrepreneurial competencies among 33 young people interested to develop their own youth organizations through social entrepreneurship initiatives. During eight days, young people participated in several activities, presentations, discussions, exercises, workshops, and study visits in order to share best practices on how to develop an organization with limited resources. Participants had the opportunity to develop skills and competencies through non-formal education and practice. The young people involved had been supported to develop new projects for the sending organization and reflect on personal development projects as social entrepreneurs.

It wasn't even a real collection, but it was a lot of fun for the artist. Humorous way of reacting after the unprecedented action of anonymous internet trolls. The action included weird emails damaging reputation; undermining the art skills, undermining tailoring skills, etc.

A few years after those events, Erwin Michalec started law studies at the master's level, specializing in International Arbitration and media law, privacy and defamation. 

The Training Course "Grow your NGO" by Romanian youth organization Super Tineri/ Erasmus + I have used also as a good opportunity to search for new fashion ideas. From local traditional folklore to archaeological places excavating the oldest ceramic culture in Europe in Cucuteni

Always Bad is based on all existing artwork by Erwin Michalec, such as paintings, graphics, sculptures, etc., mixed with humorous slogans.

The design is inspired by a mix of ideas as a series of graphics, The Dragon Trees.”. Specific species exist in Tenerife Spain. Also the idea of African machinery and the artist's fascination with The Antykithera Mechanism: nature and ancient philosophy of the four elements. Very important are his travels including the exploration of archaeological sites with the oldest pottery culture in Europe which has been discovered in Cucuteni in Romania as research in The Gambia and a visit to Poland which enriched the collection with tribal African vision of The Warsaw Mermaid. The artist also uses anthropological and archaeological passion shadowed in his artwork from the past.

Always Bad