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Vogue June 2016

The Designer Profile


Yasmin Shukla

Beata Ankowska

Tega Akpod

Trina Karla

Photo Marek Miszczak


Tropics Magazine

Photo Marek Miszczak

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Hair & Make Up Beata Ankowska

Model Yaasmin Shukla

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Erwin Michalec featured in

The British Vogue March Issue

2016 "The Designer Profile"

Music Connection Naples 2015 [Documentary] (Talent Factory)

             Exhibition of Erwin Michalec Naples 2015

Photo Marek Miszczak

Model catherine Jesica

Photo Marek Miszczak 


Erwin Michalec featured in

The British Vogue February Issue 2016  "The Designer Profile". 

Model Faye Gray

Photo Marek Miszczak



ERWIN MICHALEC - from the blog of Fashion Scout MONDAY, 23 FEBRUARY 2015
Emerging Designer Showcase AW15

At first glance, Erwin Michalec’s collection suggests medieval influences, but upon a closer look there’s references of the 4 elements water especially. He presents plain silhouettes illustrated by African tribal drawings. African and other ethnic cultures are consistent themes within his work so much so that this season’s collection overlapped slightly with his last, as he reused linen material and hand painted it with the image of a mechanical boat. He plays with the idea of combining ancient mechanism with African culture, “What would happen if Leonardo Da Vinci lived in ancient Africa?” he poses. Movement and fluidity are the reason behind the simplistic flowing silk silhouettes of tunics, by connecting it with connotations of water such as fish, sails and even sand he aims to design functional art. The designer admits that he doesn’t feel influenced by other big name designers, but rather looks up to the unsung ones.